Download Epub Format ☆ Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less PDF by Ð Jeffrey Archer

Download Epub Format ☆ Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less PDF by Ð Jeffrey Archer

Download Epub Format ☆ Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less PDF by Ð Jeffrey Archer A stand alone thriller By Jeffery Archer first published 1976.

I think this was Jeffery Archer’s first book and it reads like it should be.
The word that comes to mind is ‘farcical’.

Everybody is so stiff upper lip English even the American and French characters manage that peculiar English affectation.

What you have is a bunch of highly successful characters, an Oxford Don, a Harley Street Physician, an international Art Dealer and a Peer of the Realm all, you would assume, having more than a modicum of intelligence.
All these characters have one thing in common, that being, that they have been reduced to near penury by Harvey Metcalfe an unscrupulous American stock market manipulator.

After the local police tell the oxford Don that they know that Harvey Metcalfe was behind the scam but they just can’t prove it, yet.
The D Most popular books have durability but this one is not among them.
Reason is that the last 3 chapters or so were stabs at comedy that went wide off the mark.
Although my enjoyment and my remembrance of this book and my smile faltered near the end, for most of the story I pronounced it a perfect 5/5.
I enjoyed it immensely.
Nevertheless the plot in retrospective seems less clever in the cold light of the day.
It was one of those books that don't have much staying power and cannot be enjoyed a second time.
I should mention though that as an author, Jeffrey Archer has grown on me and I'm curious about his books.
Watch this space.

I found the narrative voice impossibly wooden, providing a long, dull recap of the villain's life before introducing the main characters with a lot of facts and very little personality.
Other than cliche French from the Frenchman, they all talked alike.

It was so dull I began to skim, hoping the story would pick up.
It didn't.

The revenge was a drop in the bucketI doubt the villain even noticedand furthermore, it only came off because of a deus ex machina delivered by the narrative voice withholding certain facts.

And yet it was a phenomenal best seller.
Wow! I come by my love of mysteries and thrillers naturally, as both my mother and grandmother are addicts of such books.
This book was among their highly recommended reads.
I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around a few years ago, and it was just as much fun this time.

The story features a Bernie Madofftype villain named Harvey Metcalfe who, despite all his previously illgotten millions, takes the opportunity to con a few naive investors in a stock market scam.
Among his latest victims is an American math genius teaching at Oxford.
Realizing he's been had, he recruits three other victims (a handsome doctor, a French gallery owner, and a playboy lord of the realm) to steal back what Harvey took from themNot a Penny More, Not a Penny Less.

The cons of the con man are exciting, clever, and delightfully poetic.
Since the book was originally published in "The conned: an Oxford don, a revered society physician, a chic French art dealer, and a charming English lord.
They have one thing in common.
Overnight, each novice investor lost his life's fortune to one man.
The con: Harvey Metcalfe!!

A brilliant, selfmade guru of deceit.
A very dangerous individual.
And now, a hunted man.

With nothing left to lose four strangers are about to come togethereach expert in their own field.
Their plan: find Harvey, shadow him, trap him, and pennyforpenny, destroy him.
From the luxurious casinos of Monte Carlo to the highstakes windows at Ascot to the bustling streets of Wall Street to fashionable London galleries, their own ingenious game has begun.
It's called revengeand they were taught by a master.
" Jeffrey Archer: The Truth?

A brilliant, selfmade guru of deceit.
A very dangerous individual.
And, now, a hunted man.
Fiction or autobiography ("Jeffrey Archer: The Truth?"), you be the judge.
And if the author doesn't like the answer, he can sue us for everything we've got, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less.

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